This Week in Ruma

by Jimmy Cuadra

Ruma is a Matrix homeserver, client, and supporting libraries written in the Rust programming language. Matrix is an open specification for an online communication protocol. For an overview of the project, visit the home page. This Week in Ruma is a weekly summary of the development of Ruma, published on Sunday nights.

From the editor

I did another live stream of Ruma development on my Twitch channel this past week. If you missed it, you can watch the recording on YouTube. In the stream, I worked on another revision to the ruma-events API in which a special result type was introduced to handle deserialization/validation errors. Jonas quickly discovered, upon trying to update ruma-client-api to ruma-events 0.10, that the new deserialization API didn't quite work and that further changes were needed. I updated all the manually events to the new new API, but the events generated by ruma-events-macros still need to be updated. I will do that on the next stream in the coming week.

A couple weeks ago I recorded an interview with the Rustacean Station podcast, and today the episode was released. You can find it here: Ruma and the Matrix Communication Protocol: An Interview with Jimmy Cuadra. A huge thanks to Ben Striegel and Jon Gjengset for starting the podcast, and to Ben and Abdou Seck for taking the time to record this episode with me. It was a good time, and I hope it gets some new people interested in Matrix and/or Ruma.

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