This Week in Ruma

Ruma is a Matrix homeserver, client, and supporting libraries written in the Rust programming language. Matrix is an open specification for an online communication protocol. For an overview of the project, visit the home page. This Week in Ruma is a weekly summary of the development of Ruma, published on Sunday nights.

From the editor

We had a very productive week, landing several pull requests, including a major revamp of ruma-events and new APIs.

A very important milestone was reached: The number of unstable Rust features Ruma uses was reduced from six to two! Ruma was migrated to the new Macros 1.1 approach for custom derive, which meant we were able to drop the custom_attribute, custom_derive, and plugin features. As part of the integration of the ruma-events revamp, specialization was also removed. With question_mark now stable, Ruma uses only proc_macro (Macros 1.1, which will be stable in a few more releases) and try_from, which I hope to see movement on soon. The day that Ruma can target stable Rust is approaching!

The revamp of ruma-events changed the design of the library, so each of the kinds of event in Matrix (events, room events, and state events) are now traits rather than structs with two generic parameters. This change took quite a while, so I'm happy to have it finally integrated into Ruma.

Notable changes to ruma

  • Added support for local room invitations.
  • Removed unstable features: custom_attribute, custom_derive, plugin, and specialization.
  • Updated to Macros 1.1 versions of Serde and Diesel.

Notable changes to ruma-events

  • Event, RoomEvent, and StateEvent are now traits.

Notable changes to ruma-identifiers

  • Released crate version 0.4.3, a small bump to update dependencies.

Call for participation

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